OpenMeter Cloud

Scalable Metering
in Minutes

Collect and aggregate millions of events in real-timefor billing, consumer dashboards and overage handling.


User-Friendly Interface

Manage and query meters on our beautiful user interface.

High Availablity

Robust metering and fault-tolerant managed cloud.

Secure By Default

Social logins, 2FA, and access tokens to securely collect and query usage.

Start For Free,
Scale As You Grow

No credit card is required.

Simple, Transparent,
Usage-Based Pricing

You are in control. Self-service signup and subscription management via Stripe.

Volume discounts up to 50%.

Integrates Natively
With Your Infrastructure

Out-of-the-box integration for LLMs and cloud infrastructure components. We also provide SDKs for popular programming languages like Node.js, Python, and Go.

OpenMeter Cloud Integrations

Usage Syncs
for Billing and RevOps

Seamless billing and RevOps. Our usage reporting and synchronization ensures that your external systems are up to date. Set up a reporting and frequency, and we take over the workflow management.

OpenMeter Cloud Billing, Reporting & Webhooks
Stripe BillingCRM Salesforce usage SyncCRM HubSpot Usage Sync

Real-Time Dashboards, Consumer Portal

Instant aggregates on ingested usage events for analytics and to build customer dashboards with React.

Your Finance and Sales teams will love our user-friendly web interface and CSV exports.

OpenMeter Cloud Query & Insights

Limit Enforcement, Overage Messaging

Set usage limits to enforce plan quotes instantly and protect your system and margins from abusive overages. Our metering provides sub-second aggregates while ingesting billions of events.

OpenMeter Cloud Usage Limits & Gating

World Class Support

We help you to onboard quickly, serve your integration needs, and help maximize value.


Technical Onboarding

Our technical teams help you to quickly onboard to our platform and maximize the value.


Custom Integrations

We help to integrate and meter usage of custom solutions as well as reporting.


Success Management

We help your product, sales, and customer success teams to adopt usage-based pricing and to maximize revenue.

Same APIs, Multiple Options

All options are powered by our scalable ingestion and robust APIs


Run your own deployment and dependencies. The core is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

  • Self-hosted
  • Community Support
  • Apache 2.0 License

Start metering in minutes with our user-friendly interface, scalable and highly available.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Professional Support
  • Reporting & Syncs
  • Consumer Portal

OpenMeter for Enterprise

Do you need a custom integration or deployment? No problem, our team is happy to help.

Cloud FAQ

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Have a complex setup or additional questions about pricing?

Contact our sales team for help and to get more information on OpenMeter pricing.