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What is a Feature?

A Feature is a product feature defined as part of your product catalog. Features are used to define the entitlements for your APIs and services. For example:

FeaturePlan 1Plan 2
Feature 1: Seats525
Feature 2: Emails1,000 /m100,000 /m
Feature 3: Tokens10,000 /m1,000,000 /m

Features with usage limits

Features can have usage limits. For example, you can define a feature with a limit of 1,000 emails per month. When the subject exceeds the limit, the system can enforce a rate limit or block the subject from using the feature. Limits are also useful for upselling. For example, you can message the customer to upgrade to a higher plan when they reach the limit.

To define a feature with a limit, use Ledger to grant usage credits to the subject.


A feature has the following properties:

NameA human-readable name for the feature.
MeterA meter to measure the usage of the feature.
Meter Group By FilterTo filter for a subset of usage in the meter.


Here is an example of a feature:

GPT-4 Tokens

The feature GPT-4 Tokens is used to grant tokens for the GPT-4 API.

NameGPT-4 Tokens
Meter Group By Filtermodel=gpt-4


The feature Email Quota is used to grant email quotas.

NameEmail Quota
Meter Group By FilterNone
Last edited on May 13, 2024