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Getting Started


What is OpenMeter?

OpenMeter is an open source metering service that helps engineers to monetize consumption data.

Under the hood OpenMeter uses stream processing and combines the power of Go, Kafka and ClickHouse to provide scalable data ingestion and rapid usage aggregations.

Whether you're an individual developer or part of a larger team, OpenMeter can help you meter and monetize large volume of consumption data.

Usage metering is harder than it seems

Building a real-time, scalable metering that can provide instant aggregates and deduplication accurately creates engineering challenges around:

  • Accuracy: Metrics systems may not provide the needed accuracy due to sampling.
  • Cost: Database writes at scale can be expensive.
  • Latency: Periodic batch processing in data warehouses can introduce latency.

Read more about how does OpenMeter compares to databases and metrics systems in our metering challenges deep dive.

Main Features

Cloud MeteringScalable and reliable event-based metering to track consumption per token, second, or API call granularity.YesYes
Usage-Based BillingIntegrations with billing providers like Stripe. Synchronize aggregated usage accurately to your billing system.IntegrationQuery API
Customer DashboardsBuild real-time customer dashboards backed by OpenMeter. Our web SDK offers React components and hooks.YesYes
Usage Syncs & ReportsSynchronize usage to external systems like CRM reliably.YesSoon
Usage Limits EnforcementLow latency usage and rate limits enforcement to protect your margins.IntegrationQuery API
Cost AttributionAttribute shared costs to customers, teams, and product features with our unit cost capabilities.YesNo

SDKs & Integrations

Collectors are designed to streamline the integration of various data sources into OpenMeter.

Available SDKs:


Available collectors:

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Last edited on July 10, 2024