OpenMeter is an Open Source Metering service for AI, Usage-Based Billing, Infrastructure, and IoT use-cases.

With the growing integration of AI capabilities and usage-based pricing components in modern products, metering, attributing, and analyzing usage are crucial for ensuring profitability per customer.

The Metering Challenge

Accurate real-time processing of large volumes of events is pivotal for billing and data-intensive applications. The challenges include:

  • Cost: Database writes at scale can be expensive.
  • Accuracy: Metrics systems may not provide the needed accuracy due to sampling.
  • Latency: Periodic batch processing in data warehouses can introduce latency.

Demo videos

Watch our video on how to quickstart with OpenMeter.

Discover how to implement usage-based billing with OpenMeter and Stripe:


OpenMeter leverages stream processing. It's written in Go and uses:

OpenMeter Architecture

OpenMeter provides a REST API for integrations.


  1. Additional streaming platforms will be supported in the future.

Last edited on December 5, 2023