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Real-Time and Scalable Usage Metering

Open-Source Metering for AI, Usage-Based Billing, Infrastructure, and IoT use-cases.

OpenMeter Cloud

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OpenMeter Cloud

Private Beta

Managed OpenMeter Cloud with high availability, meter management and UI.


1. Meter millions of billable events per second:
import { OpenMeter } from '@openmeter/sdk'

const openmeter = new OpenMeter({ 
  baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8888'

// Measure OpenAI / ChatGPT token usage
await openmeter.events.ingest({
  type: 'tokens',
  subject: 'user-id',
  data: {
   tokens: 15,
   model: 'gpt-4',
2. Get real-time, accurate aggregated usage:
// Retreive token usage
const values = await openmeter.meters.query('token-usage', {
  subject: ['user-id'],
  from: new Date('2021-01-01'),
  to: new Date('2021-01-02'),
Billable Prompts:
Token Usage:

The Challenge

of Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems are tailored to gather, process, and store operational data. However, these systems often lack the level of consistency crucial for auditable use-cases like billing, where legally binding contracts necessitate accuracy and complete data.

Databases Writes

Scaling databases to accommodate write-intensive event ingestion and real-time queries can be costly. Not only do you need to store every single record in the database, but also you must scan through them for aggregation in your queries, driving up load and cost.

Batch Processing

Storing all records in a data warehouse and processing them in batches may be cost-effective, but it leads to outdated meters. Most companies run daily batch processing, resulting in stale data that is unsuitable for immediate-response product use-cases, such as billing thresholds.

The Solution

Real-Time Queries

OpenMeter collects, cleans and aggregates millions of events per second to power real-time usage queries for billing, in-app usage dashboards, and event-driven analytics.

Infrastructure Plugins

OpenMeter offers plugins for infrastructure components like Kubernetes and AWS, allowing effortless metering and resource attribution.

Scalable and Reliable

Our idempotent event processing system combined with support for data backfill and meter resets ensures you can ingest millions of events per second and handle common failure scenarios in your daily business operations.

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Private Beta

Be among the first to try

OpenMeter Cloud

Managed OpenMeter Cloud with high availability, meter management and UI.

How It Works

OpenMeter combines the power of Kafka and ClickHouse with industry expertise from Stripe, Cisco, and Netflix to deliver billing-grade and scalable metering.

OpenMeter ingests data through events using the CloudEvent specification from CNCF. The usage metering aggregations are easily configurable, allowing tracking of specific event properties.

OpenMeter is released under the Apache 2.0 Open Source license and its source code is available on GitHub and maintained by a vibrant and diverse community from all over the globe.

testimonialsWhat people are saying about us

AI products need usage metering from the start. Attributing each OpenAI, serverless process, or custom API call ensures that each customer is profitable. As every product adds generative AI capabilities, OpenMeter takes the pain out of scalable billing.
Nate SmithFounding CTO, Lever
Consumption based SaaS revenue modeling (usage-based pricing) is a multi-disciplinary problem. It sits at the intersection of tech, process and organizational challenges; from real-time data computation, plug-and-play pricing policies, to orchestrating seamless workflows across multiple functions like Finance, Sales, Revenue Ops, Data & Platform engineering teams. OpenMeter seamlessly solves these needs. It enables Billing platform teams to surface the right strategic trends for the business, feeding into existing Land or Expand motions, highlighting Churn concerns and ultimately empowering an Executive team to adopt a users’ first approach to achieving business goals.
Smruti PatelVP of Engineering, Apollo GraphQL
OpenMeter leverages event-streaming techniques from high-scale, battle-tested production systems at the largest companies. As a result you get realtime, reliable, and cost-effective usage-based metering out of the box.
Jeff ChaoCTO, Abbey.io (ex-Netflix, ex-Stripe)
With the increasing complexity of technology landscapes, engineering teams often find themselves investing significant time and resources in developing and sustaining real-time usage metering solutions. At this juncture, opting for a sophisticated yet user-friendly product like OpenMeter becomes a strategic move as enables you to unlock productivity by streamlining processes, promoting operational efficiency and allowing your engineering team to focus on core competencies. Make the smart choice, embrace OpenMeter – your key to an effective, robust, and cutting-edge metering solution.
Yunong XiaoSenior Director of Engineering, Google Cloud Serverless
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Our Roadmap

Q2 2023

  • Open Source Launch
  • SDK: Node.js
  • SDK: Go
  • Examples for Stripe, OpenAI, Fastify and Kubernetes

Q3 2023

  • Cloud Launch
  • Export to Database
  • Instrumentations for Kubernetes, Log Parser, etc.
  • In-app usage React component
  • Export to S3 for Audit use-cases
  • Vercel Marketplace Integration

Q4 2023

  • Usage Backfill
  • Webhooks
  • Instrumentations for AWS Lambda, SQS, CloudWatch, etc.
  • Meter migrations
  • Per Consumer Usage Overwrite
  • Export to HubSpot and Salesforce