AI & API Monetization

Turn AI and API usage into revenue with our scalable metering and monetization platform.

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Integrates Natively

Collect and aggregate millions of events instantly while turning them into revenue.

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The Usage Lake

Our Usage Lake serves the monetization and data needs of product, revenue, and efficiency teams.

Bill from any events,
metrics and logs

Turn events, logs, and metrics into revenue. We integrate out of the box with LLMs and cloud infrastructure components and provide SDKs for popular programming languages like Node.js, Python, and Go.

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Understand Customer
and Product Cost

Analyze customer and product cost based on meters to maximize your revenue and efficiency. Our unit economics can break down cloud, vendor and operational cost by meters to analyze margins and drive budgeting.

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Usage Dashboards
In your application

Build real-time consumer dashboards with our embeddable components and React hooks. Empower your customers to monitor their usage and exercise control over their spending.

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Enforcing Limits,
Protecting Margins

Safeguard against uncontrolled costs with expensive APIs like LLMs. Our low latency limit enforcement offers usage gating on the edge.

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Actionable Insights
for Product and RevOps

Turn usage data into actionable insights for sales and customer success. Analyze cohort of customer usage and cost to influence pricing decisions.

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Start metering usage in minutes

Simple, Transparent pricing.You are in control. Self-service signup and subscription management via Stripe. No hidden fees.

Designed for Developers

Meter millions of events per second:
import { OpenMeter } from '@openmeter/sdk'

const openmeter = new OpenMeter({ 
  baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8888'

// Measure OpenAI / ChatGPT token usage
await openmeter.events.ingest({
  id: 'e59cac1f-dd52-43a2-bc4f-36cd3c09a39c',
  type: 'tokens',
  subject: 'user-id',
  data: {
   tokens: 15,
   model: 'gpt-4',
Get real-time, accurate aggregated usage:
// Retreive token usage
const values = await openmeter.meters.query(
    subject: ['user-id'],
    from: new Date('2021-01-01'),
    to: new Date('2021-01-02'),
Billable Prompts:
Token Usage:


that is an extension of your team

We help you to onboard quickly, serve your integration needs, and help maximize value.

Technical onboarding
Technical onboarding

Our technical teams help you to quickly onboard to our platform and maximize value.

Custom integration
Custom integrations

We help to integrate and meter usage of custom solutions as well as reporting.

Business consulting
Business consulting

We help your product, sales and customer success teams to adopt usage based pricing and maximize revenue with it.

Multiple options

All options are powered by our scalable event ingestion and robust APIs.


We help to integrate and meter usage of custom solutions as well as reporting.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Professional Support
  • Reporting & Syncs
  • Consumer Portal
Open source

Run your own deployment and dependencies. The core is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

  • Self-hosted
  • Community Support
  • Apache 2.0 License
OpenMeter for Enterprise

Do you need a custom integration or deployment? No problem, our team is happy to help.

What people are
saying about us

Whether you're introducing new pricing, scaling your revenue operations, or consolidating your software stack, OpenMeter works for you.

AI products need usage metering from the start. Attributing each OpenAI, serverless process, or custom API call ensures that each customer is profitable. As every product adds generative AI capabilities, OpenMeter takes the pain out of scalable billing.

Nate Smith, Founding CTO
Nate Smith

Consumption based SaaS revenue modeling (usage-based pricing) is a multi-disciplinary problem. It sits at the intersection of tech, process and organizational challenges; from real-time data computation, plug-and-play pricing policies, to orchestrating seamless workflows across multiple functions like Finance, Sales, Revenue Ops, Data & Platform engineering teams. OpenMeter seamlessly solves these needs. It enables Billing platform teams to surface the right strategic trends for the business, feeding into existing Land or Expand motions, highlighting Churn concerns and ultimately empowering an Executive team to adopt a users’ first approach to achieving business goals.

Smruti Patel, VP of Engineering
Apollo GraphQL
Smruti Patel

OpenMeter leverages event-streaming techniques from high-scale, battle-tested production systems at the largest companies. As a result you get realtime, reliable, and cost-effective usage-based metering out of the box.

Jeff Chao, CTO
Abbey.io (ex-Netflix, ex-Stripe)
Jeff Chao

With the increasing complexity of technology landscapes, engineering teams often find themselves investing significant time and resources in developing and sustaining real-time usage metering solutions. At this juncture, opting for a sophisticated yet user-friendly product like OpenMeter becomes a strategic move as enables you to unlock productivity by streamlining processes, promoting operational efficiency and allowing your engineering team to focus on core competencies. Make the smart choice, embrace OpenMeter – your key to an effective, robust, and cutting-edge metering solution.

Yunong Xiao, Director of Engineering
Yunong Xiao
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