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Balances, Grants and RolloversGrant additional one-time or recurring usage to your customers

Peter Marton
Peter Marton@slashdotpeter

Today, we are excited to announce OpenMeter Grants, which will help you set recurring allowances for your customers. OpenMeter Grants support expiration, priorities, recurrence, and rollovers, to power use-cases like granting customers 10M monthly token usage.

With OpenMeter now you can grant additional one-time or recurring usage to your customers, enabling complex pricing scenarios and managing customers who exceed their quotas. Grants also come with a ledger-style history, where you can follow how and why a customer's balance changes over time, providing transparency and accountability.

Balances and credit grants are available both in open-source and OpenMeter Cloud.

Who is this for?

Companies that need to manage usage limits and metered entitlements, such as:

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily usage limits (e.g., 50,000 emails per month)
  • Usage-based pricing (e.g., 1M tokens per billing period)
  • Top-ups and rollovers (e.g., unused balance can be rolled over)
  • Occasional usage credit grants like support scenarios

Granting Usage Demo

Learn how to use Grants in this quick video:

Balances and Overages

Metered entitlements can be unlimited, or have a balance for each period. This customer balance is burnt down in real-time based on the consumption tracked by meters. For example, if a customer is granted 10 million tokens each month, every time usage is reported to OpenMeter, this balance will decrease.

Excessive usage is counted as overage. Based on soft or hard limit settings, the balance and overage will determine whether a customer has access to the feature.

Check out the OpenMeter Dashboard to start with entitlements and balances.

Usage Grants

Sometimes, you want to grant additional usage for a period, either because the customer buys a top-up, you need to extend a trial, or handle a support request. OpenMeter now has a flexible usage granting system that supports effective date, expiration, rollover, and burn-down priorities. This allows for complex pricing scenarios, where, for example, a customer can buy top-ups and roll over the remaining amount to the next month, but first, the monthly default limit should be consumed.

We wrote about why credit systems are complex; we covered it all for you in this feature.

History and Accountability

When money is involved or the pricing is complex, it's handy to see a ledger-style history. Grants history capabilties allows you to follow how and why a customer's balance changes over time, providing transparency and accountability. This will save you time handling support scenarios and increase accountability.

Getting Started

Use our SDKs or visit the OpenMeter Dashboard to grant additional usage to your customers.

Let's check out how you implement a top-up use case using OpenMeter Grants with the example of a customer purchasing a recurring top-up where each grant expires in two years and the remaining amount can be rolled over the next month.

const grant = client.entitlements.grant(
    featureKey: 'gpt_tokens',
    subject: 'customer-1',
    // Grant 100,000 additional usage
    amount: 100000,
    // Grants with higher priority will be used first
    priority: 1,
    // Can be effective on a future date
    effectiveAt: '2024-08-01T00:00:00Z',
    // When the grant expires if not used
    expiration: {
      duration: 'YEAR',
      count: 1,
    // You can limit how much can be rolled over
    maxRolloverAmount: 100000,
    // Optional recurrence
    recurrence: {
      interval: 'MONTH',

Check out the Grant documentation for more details.