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OpenTelemetry Log CollectorSimplify the extraction of usage information from your logs

Peter Marton
Peter Marton@slashdotpeter

OpenTelemetry is a widely adopted solution for capturing and exporting metrics, traces, and logs for cloud-native infrastructures. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our OpenTelemetry Log Collector, designed to simplify the extraction of usage information from your logs and forward them to OpenMeter, enabling powerful billing and cost management use cases.

In addition to our programming language-specific SDKs, we offer high-level collectors for popular usage destinations such as Kubernetes, S3, and more. Our OpenTelemetry integration leverages non-sampled logs (e.g., access logs) as a valuable source of usage information. The growing adoption of OpenTelemetry for logging is driven by the OpenTelemetry Collector's support for various log sources and formats, making it a versatile replacement for many logging agents.

How It Works

The usage collector operates by directing your OpenTelemetry Collector to forward logs to the OpenMeter Collector's address using the OTLP gRPC protocol. Afterward, configure your OpenMeter collector to transform the logs into the CloudEvents format utilized by OpenMeter. Below is an example of how to map a log into usage:

OpenMeter Collectors, built on top of Redpanda Connect (formerly Benthos), offers a configurable pipeline for further modification and enhancement of events.

Get Started

Check out the documentation, to begin with, the OpenTelemetry Usage Collector.

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