Deploy to Kubernetes

Prepare local cluster


Start a local Kubernetes cluster using Kind:

cd deploy
kind create cluster --config ./kind.yaml

OpenMeter Helm Chart

The OpenMeter Helm chart is available in the repository at deploy/charts/openmeter:

For development deployments Kafka and ClickHouse are deployed as part of the OpenMeter Helm chart.

The Helm chart is currently in preview and is not recommended for production deployments.

Install the OpenMeter Helm chart with default values:

cd deploy
helm upgrade --install --dependency-update openmeter ./charts/openmeter

See the available values in deploy/charts/openmeter/values.yaml.

Once the openmeter pod is ready, we can use port-forward to access the API:

kubectl port-forward svc/openmeter 8888

You can follow the quickstart guide to send data to OpenMeter.

Last edited on December 5, 2023