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Getting Started


Community Support

Please use Discord or GitHub Issues to get in touch with us.

Cloud Support

Please use the Support menu in OpenMeter Cloud to contact our team.


Here are the best ways to contribute to OpenMeter via GitHub:

Development Stages

The OpenMeter team is working hard to provide you with the best possible experience. We have defined several development stages to help you understand the current state of features.


Features marked as experimental are under development. Please help development with early feedback.

  • Although we try our best, performance issues or bugs are more likely to happen at this stage.
  • There might be breaking changes in the future.
  • User interface and SDKs may not be available yet.


Features marked as alpha are available in production and can be used at your risk warning.

  • Migration issues can occur.
  • API changes are more likely to happen.

We have decided to productize platform support but it has yet to take its final shape.


We'll do our best to minimize migration issues for Beta features.

  • We only make breaking changes if they're really necessary.
Last edited on May 13, 2024