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Stripe Billing

Only available in OpenMeter Cloud
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With OpenMeter's native Stripe integration, you can quickly implement usage-based pricing for AI, API, and infrastructure consumptions like logs, Kubernetes, S3, and databases.

By automating the data transfer and synchronization process, we ensure that your billing is as precise as your metering.

Getting Started

Start billing from metered usage in three simple steps:

Step 1: Start Metering with OpenMeter Cloud

Start metering with OpenMeter Cloud and navigate to the Usage & Sync menu. Here, you can select Stripe as your sync destination.

Step 2: Connect You Stripe Account

Connect your Stripe account with OpenMeter. Once linked, choose the specific meter that's data you wish to synchronize with Stripe. You can also pick the start date and backfill historical usage.

Step 3: Map Stripe Customer IDs

Use our Subject Dashboard or one of our SDKs to map OpenMeter subjects to Stripe Customers.

const subject = await openmeter.subject.upsert([
    key: 'customer-1',
    displayName: 'ACME',
    stripeCustomerId: 'cus_xxx',

Step 4: Enjoy Robust Synchronization

Congratulations! You've successfully set up synchronizing aggregated usage data to Stripe hourly. Our robust workflow engine ensures exactly-once delivery and provides the flexibility to backfill historical usage data.

Last edited on July 15, 2024