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Stripe via Webhooks

Only available in OpenMeter Cloud
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Check out first our native Stripe integration to report usage to Stripe. If you have a custom Stripe integration or want to report usage to SubscriptionItem(s) directly, you can also use OpenMeter webhooks as described below.

To report usage to Stripe, we will use OpenMeter webhooks; the steps are:

  1. Setup OpenMeter webhooks
  2. Report usage to Stripe

1. Setup OpenMeter webhooks

You can set up webhooks on the OpenMeter Cloud UI or via API. For Stripe integration, we recommend reporting daily for the last day usage.

To minimize usage slipping into the next billing period when the plan changes the billing cycle, you can report hourly.

See Webhooks to learn more about how to configure and consume OpenMeter webhooks.

2. Report usage to Stripe

To report usage to Stripe, we will listen to OpenMeter usage webhooks and report usage to Stripe. The steps are:

  • 2.1. Find Stripe subscription for subject (customer)
  • 2.2. Find Stripe subscription item for meter
  • 2.3. Report usage to Stripe
// Listening on the webhook endpoint
export default async function handler(req: NextApiRequest, res: NextApiResponse) {
  if (req.method !== "POST") {
  const idempotencyKey = req.headers["svix-id"];
  const msg = (await buffer(req)).toString();
  // See webhooks docs about how to verify signatures
  if (msg.type === "report.meter") {
    await reportusageToStripe(idempotencyKey, msg);
    return res.status({});
  res.status(400).json({ message: "Unknown event type" });
function reportusageToStripe(idempotencyKey, msg) {
  const { usage, meter, query } = msg;
  // Find stripe subscription ID for subject (customer)
  // usually a databse call in your application
  const stripeSubscriptionId = getSubscriptionIdForSubject(query.subject)
  // Find stripe subscription item for meter
  const subscriptionItems = await stripe.subscriptionItems.list({
    subscription: stripeSubscriptionId
  for (const { value, windowEnd } in msg.usage) {
    const subscriptionItem = subscriptionItems.find(({ price }) =>
      // retreive stripe price id for meter (usually from config)
      price.id === getPriceIdForMeter(meter.slug)
    // Report usage to Stripe
    await stripe.subscriptionItems.createUsageRecord(
        quantity: value,
        timestamp: windowend,
        action: 'set'

To read more about how to implement Usage-Based Pricing with Stripe, check out our blog posts:

Last edited on June 24, 2024