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Getting Started


OpenMeter helps you to implement usage-based entitlements for your APIs and services. It is useful to control how much a subject can use a specific features. OpenMeter helps you to implement usage-based rate limits, monthly quotas, and prepaid billing. Controlling usage and enforcing limits defined in pricing is especially important to control cost when monetizing expensive resources like LLMs, GPUs, and other AI services.

Use Cases

Check out the following use cases to see how you can use OpenMeter Ledger to monetize your APIs and services.

Use CaseDescription
CreditsGrant and burn down credits by usage with priorities and expiration
Usage QuotasEnforce monthly or daily usage limits defined in your pricing
Usage Rate LimitsImplement hourly or daily usage-based rate limits
Prepaid billingAdopt prepaid billing and grant usage, handle top-ups

Core Concepts

OpenMeter entitlements are built around the following core concepts:

  • Subject: The entity that consumes your APIs and services.
  • Feature: A product feature defined as part of your product catalog.
  • Ledger: A record of usage transactions.
  • Credit Grant: Grant credits to a subjects
Last edited on May 13, 2024