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Getting Started

Deploy to Kubernetes

Prepare a Kubernetes cluster

Make sure you have a running Kubernetes cluster and it's configured in your kubectl config.

To quickly try deploying OpenMeter to a local Kubernetes cluster, we recommend using Kind:

kind create cluster

Deploy OpenMeter with Helm

The official OpenMeter Helm chart is published on GitHub Container Registry.

Kafka and ClickHouse are deployed as part of the OpenMeter Helm chart for development deployments.

Install the OpenMeter Helm chart with default values:

helm upgrade --install openmeter oci://ghcr.io/openmeterio/helm-charts/openmeter

See the available values in here.

Once the openmeter pod is ready, we can use port-forward to access the API:

kubectl port-forward svc/openmeter 8888

You can follow the quickstart guide to send data to OpenMeter.

Last edited on May 13, 2024