Follow our Launch Week between July 1 - 5

Launch Week

An entire week of new features and announcements.

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Day 1

OpenMeter's new entitlements feature allows you to manage customer feature access, balances, and usage limits.

Control Usage with Entitlements
Day 2

Usage grants support expiration, priorities, recurrence, and rollovers, enabling scenarios like granting customers 10M monthly token usage.

Balances, Grants and Rollovers
Day 3

OpenMeter's Edge Access provides low-latency usage limit enforcement for online traffic.

Low Latency Usage Limit Enforcement
Day 4

OpenMeter's Free Forever Plan is now available. Start metering today, completely free, for up to 1M events.

Introducing Free Plan
Day 5

OpenTelemetry Log Collector simplifies the extraction of usage information from your logs and forwards them to OpenMeter, enabling powerful billing and cost management use cases.

OpenTelemetry Log Collector