AI Token Usage

As AI products and chatbots like ChatGPT gain popularity, many companies develop features on top of the OpenAI and Anthropic APIs. To ensure that each customer is profitable, companies need to track token usage to ensure usage limits or chargeback customers based on their token consumption.

OpenAI provides a range of models with varying capabilities and price points, where the cost is based on the number of tokens consumed (tokens can be considered as word pieces). Consequently, these companies receive a monthly bill from OpenAI reflecting the token usage during the billing period. It becomes a business requirement for them to attribute this token consumption to their own users and convert it into revenue.

OpenMeter offers a solution to track and monitor token consumption by your users, enabling accurate attribution. By integrating OpenMeter into your infrastructure, you can effortlessly capture and analyze token usage, associating it with individual users. This enables billing, usage gating, and gaining insights into user behavior to transform token usage into revenue-generating opportunities.

Last edited on December 5, 2023