Sensors and Robotics

Hardware companies like SpaceX face the challenge of monitoring high-frequency sensor data in real time. With sensors generating data as fast as 1000Hz (1000 events per second), it becomes essential to scale the time window to lower frequencies like 100Hz, 10Hz, and 1Hz while applying min, max, and average aggregations. This enables operators to identify anomalies within this vast volume of data.

OpenMeter have the capability to meter high-frequency sensors used in robotics and IoT use a millisecond moving time window. This empowers operators to effectively analyze and monitor sensor data, facilitating the detection of abnormalities in real time.

As OpenMeter's scalability allows it to handle high volumes of data generated by numerous sensors and IoT devices used in industry and energy sectors without the need to do computation on the device itself. Whether you have a small-scale deployment or a large-scale IoT network, OpenMeter can seamlessly handle the metering and aggregation of usage data, ensuring consistent and reliable tracking.

Last edited on December 5, 2023